Felony DWI

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Felony DWI in Texas

Lubbock DWI Attorney Tirelessly Defending Your Future

In Texas, the consequences for DUIs and DWIs are severe. Felony DWIs, however, carry penalties that can be seriously life damaging - if you're facing charges, do not hesitate to retain committed legal counsel from Michael L. King Law, P.C. Facing charges for a felony offense requires a defense attorney who is dedicated, tough, and won’t back down.

As an experienced Lubbock DWI defense attorney, I can aggressively fight for you during a time when you may feel defenseless. I am committed to obtaining the best possible result for each client, regardless of the severity of the offense. As a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, you can feel confident that I have the skill and experience you need when facing these charges.

Arrested for a felony DWI? Get the defense you need. Call (806) 370-7800 to learn how I can help.

What Penalties Could You be Facing?

The charges you may be facing head on will be harsh and merciless. The most important thing you can do is set yourself up with legal guidance that is trustworthy, tenacious and ready to prepare a defense that’s resulted in many courtroom successes.

The penalties for a felony DWI in Texas depend on the circumstances of the offense. If you’ve been convicted of multiple DWIs, the third DWI is considered a 3rd degree felony.

Penalties for a felony DWI of driving while intoxicated with a child who is less than 15 years old can include:

  • Up to two years in state jail
  • Fines up to $10,000

Penalties for a felony DWI offense that caused a car accident resulting in serious bodily injuries for someone else can include:

  • Serving 2-10 years in jail
  • Fines up to $10,000
  • Up to 600 hours community service

Don’t let a felony DWI charge follow you for life. Schedule a free case evaluation today to learn how I can help you.

Let Me Advocate For You

My experience working as a DWI defense attorney in Lubbock matches my devotion and dedication to fighting for my clients. In times like this, you simply cannot afford to rest on a legal counsel that is less than satisfactory. With my impressive track record and passionate representation, you can be confident in placing your trust in me.

Contact me today to learn more about the solid defense I can provide.