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Facing Drug Charges? You Should Get a Lawyer to Protect Yourself!

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Fighting Against the Toughest Charges

Being charged with a drug crime is a serious offense that can result in severe penalties if you are convicted. You should take every necessary precaution to protect yourself from the severity of a drug crime conviction.

In Texas, there are five different drug groups categorizing substances based on the potential for abuse compared to their recognized medical use. The penalty you face for a drug crime will depend on the type of drug, the amount in possession, and the specific offense with which you have been charged.

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What Are the Classifications of Drug Crimes?

The breakdown of drug categories is as follows:

  • Group 1 - cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, oxycodone, and more
  • Group 1A - LSD
  • Group 2 - ecstasy, PCP, mescaline, and more
  • Group 3 - Valium, Xanax, and Ritalin
  • Group 4 - Motofen, dionine, and more

The types of drug crimes you can be charged with in Texas include:

What is Drug Possession?

Possession involves having an illegal substance in your possession. It can be a stand-alone offense or be added to the charge of distribution. Distribution is the offense of transporting or trafficking illegal drugs and can carry serious penalties upon conviction. Cultivation is the drug crime that involves growing, mixing, or any other form of creating illegal substances that are found in the drug groups.

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