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The legal definition of burglary is entering another person's home, business, or other owned property, with the intention to commit a crime. Although many might equate theft with burglary, the crime can also encompass many other felonies. Since felonies are typically involved, perpetrators often face harsh and serious penalties in Texas.

You need get a Lubbock theft crime lawyer on your side as soon as possible. King Law, P.C. has had years of experience handling cases in federal courts for a wide range of serious criminal offenses. That experience can make a huge difference in your case, which is why you need to call our firm today!

Defense Strategies Against Burglary Charges

These are two parts to burglary charges and both must be proved in order to convict someone. The first is that breaking and entering occurred. The second part of is that there was intent to commit a crime. The intent may be the most difficult to prove for prosecution since it involves knowing and proving the person's state of mind at that time. That is why having great defense on your side can help counter any arguments.

Here are some of the defenses we can use for your burglary charge:

  • Show that you did not intend to commit the crime
  • Show that you did not enter the property intentionally or without permission
  • There was no living in the home or the building had no owner
  • You believed you had been invited in

There are even ways to lessen the charges if these defenses cannot apply. For example, we can argue that the crime occurred during the day time, which is often less severely punished than a burglary that occurs at night. You should discuss the circumstances of your case with a Lubbock theft crime attorney immediately to begin building your defense.

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