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Facing Charges as a Immigrant? "You cannot afford to work with an inexperienced, unproven defender."
- Michael King

Lubbock Immigration Crime Lawyer

Aggressively Defending Immigrants' Freedom

When a non-citizen is charged with a crime, strong representation is necessary to protect their rights and freedom. Non-citizens will need to ensure that they have strong representation to protect their rights and freedom if accused of a criminal offense. Immigrants need to understand that a criminal conviction could result in the loss of their residency status in the United States. Many criminal convictions can result in immediate deportation back to their countries of origin. If you or your loved one have been charged with an immigration offense, call our firm today at (806) 370-7800 for the assistance you need.

Our firm has the ability to handle a wide range of immigration crimes, including those involving:

  • 8USC § 1324 — alien transporting
  • 8USC § 1325 — illegal entry
  • 8USC § 1326 — illegal reentry

At King Law, P.C., we have the experience you need to help you resolve the issue you face in your criminal court case. It is illegal to bring in and harbor certain foreign nationals, which is classified as alien transporting. Improper entry by a foreign national is also an offense that can result in serious penalties. Additionally, it is illegal for a foreign national who has been removed to reenter the country without permission.

Immigration Crime Lawyer in Lubbock

As a non-citizen, you cannot afford to have a criminal conviction on your record. As your Lubbock criminal defense lawyers, we can discuss the different options available and the ways that we can approach your case. During a free case evaluation, it will be our goal to determine the best course of action and evaluate the various methods for resolving your case.

When it comes to your immigration status, you can look to our firm for the representation you need. Our firm has the ability to help you pursue a reduction or dismissal of your case. Contact us today!