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If you’ve been arrested for a first-time DWI, you understand what a frightening and stressful experience this can be. You may not know where to turn, and you’re likely considering just pleading guilty to put the whole situation behind you. Even a first-time DWI conviction, however, can impact your life for years to come.

At King Law, P.C. we are aggressive Lubbock DWI defense attorneys who understand what you are going through. More importantly, we understand how to effectively fight the charges against you. When you retain our firm, we will be the fearless and dedicated advocates you need in your corner during this trying time.

A DWI arrest does NOT have to equal a conviction – take control of your defense by calling our team at (806) 370-7800 today.

The Penalties For a First-Time Conviction

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the judge or prosecutor will “go easy” on them if they simply plead guilty – after all, it’s your first mistake! In reality, Texas is extremely harsh on DWI offenders, and institutes both criminal and administrative consequences for even first-time convictions.

These penalties include, but are not limited to:

  • Between 3 to 180 days in jail
  • Fines of up to $2000
  • $1000 annual surcharges for 3 years after conviction
  • Driver’s license suspension between 90-180 days

These are just some of the consequences for a standard DWI conviction – if you have a minor aged 15 or younger in the car at the time of your arrest, the penalties will be exponentially more severe. However, a conviction is not guaranteed – I know the faults and flaws of breathalyzer tests, field sobriety tests, and other evidence the prosecution may try to use against you.

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The consequences of a DWI conviction can be life-changing – you could lose your job, your ability to drive, and even your freedom, to say nothing of the outrageously expensive fees and penalties. It is simply not worth it to plead guilty. Instead, call my firm to fight back aggressively against these charges.

Before becoming a Lubbock DWI defense lawyer, Attorney Michael King served for six years as a federal defender. Together, we have the knowledge, skill, and experience you want on your side, and the successful case results to prove it. Don’t take risks with your future, take control of your situation by calling us today.

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Proven Results

Pursuing the Best Possible Outcome
  • Dismissed Alien Transporting
  • BWI Dismissed BWI
  • Dismissed Charged with assault
  • Reduced Sentence Conspiracy to Manufacture, Possess, and Pass Counterfeit U.S. Currency
  • Reduced Sentence Conspiracy to Possess With Intent To Distribute